advanced deviced lock n95

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  • Advanced File Lock 5.0.2650.40550

    You can make your files secure by locking them with password with Advanced File Lock application. It has user friendly interface that is very easy to
  • GrekSoft Advanced Screen Lock 0.1

    GrekSoft Advanced Screen Lock is a small and handy application that allows users to lock their PC Screen with extra security measures. Here are some
  • Instant Lock: BeST FoLdeR LOCk : Free Download 3.1

    A revolutionary file security software, totally protect, lock and hide all your private folders and precious files from other users and programs. You
  • Lock Folder Lock File! 1.4

    Lock Folder Lock File! helps to protect your files from unauthorized access. Protecting your computer with the best level of security you can find
  • Advanced SystemCare (formerly Advanced WindowsCare 2.86

    The most easy-to-use, intelligent and powerful next-generation system utility to repair your computer and let your windows fly Advanced SystemCare -
  • Advanced Onion Router (formerly Advanced TOR)

    A client for OR networks. A client for OR networks. Advanced TOR is designed to be a client for OR network and intended to be an improved
  • Lock My PC 4.7

    These days, computers are everywhere: from banks and government offices to shops and homes. We tend to rely on our machines more and more each day. We
  • CD-DVD Lock 3.04

    CD-DVD Lock is crypto operation mechanisms software designed for restricting read or write access to removable media devices or certain partitions of
  • A-LOCK 7.40

    Free, Simple, Strong, Universal, Fast Email Encryption. All Email. All Windows. Just type, and click the A-LOCK icon. No need to remember passwords -
  • lock and go 1.0

    lockngo (lock-and-go) is the perfect removable media protection software. lockngo protects the data you store in your Flash Drivers USB keys/pens, USB
  • The Lock XP 5.11.0101

    The Lock provides user audit and monitoring, access control, Internet and system security for any computer running Windows XP, Server 2003, Server
  • Lock It Down 2.0

    Lock It Down is a powerful software that locks content sensitive files and folders using advanced file encryption methods. It has options for secure
  • 4S Lock 1.09

    4S Lock 1.09 (Cars Edition) enables you to diversify your desktop or laptop screen area with a variety of car slide shows. What's more, when you leave
  • ID USB Lock Key 1.2

    ID USB Lock Key is a security program meant to protect your computer from unauthorized users. It denies access, by providing a security block-screen
  • CD-Lock Initial release

    CD-Lock provides excellent CD security by encrypting your files with Blowfish and scrambling the filenames. But unlike normal encrypted files, with
  • Kid-Key-Lock 2.2

    Kid-Key-Lock's purpose is to lock specific keyboard keys/combinations and specific mouse functions. Kid-key-lock can be used to Prevent accidental
  • Pro-Key-Lock 3.0

    Pro-Key-Lock is a Security software developed by 100dof. After our trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure and free. Here is the
  • USB Lock RP 5.27

    Restrict the data transfer protect your data and keep privacy of your USB by using USB Lock RP. The program is efficient handy and quick. The
  • Lock-It! 1.0

    Now you can protect your important files and folders from anyone by using handy software utility Lock-It! that lock your computer so that no one can
  • Ez PC Lock 1.0.5

    Ez PC Lock allows you to remotely control the PC access time of any computer that you allow your employees or contractors access to, anywhere in the
  • USB Lock 1.2.5

    USB Lock 1.2.5gives you much convenience with this usefulprotection application for all types of portable devices USB flash drives, thumb drives,
  • IE Lock 1.10

    IE Lock works in Internet explorer,, blocking any attempts at inappropriate browsing before they reach the network. IE Locks "Allow List"
  • The Lock 5.08.0505

    The handy software program The Lock is capable of restricting access to file system and printer. It is capable of providing users audit as well as
  • M PC Lock 1.0

    Lock your computer to make sure no body except you have access to your computer whileyou are away from it and leave your computer.After lock you can
  • Under Lock and Key 1.3

    You can use Under Lock and Key program for storing and managing your important data. It stores your logins and passwords as well as credit card
  • D-Lock 1.0

    D-Lock is a Personal Information Management application for your PalmOS device. It uses 128-bit strong Blowfish encryption to safely store your
  • Lock Me 2.3.4

    Lock your computer with a pretty image or video (v2.0+) where its not usually possible due to permissions e.g school, college, work or maybe a guest
  • ABC Lock 1.6

    ABC Lock is a highly performed files security software that can hide or encrypt any number of files, Folders and documents in seconds. Folders and
  • CE Lock 1.0

    CE Lock is a Data Protection Software. It locks your computer, but lets your programs run. It solves the problem of Windows operating system. It
  • HD-X-Lock 1.40

    HD-X-Lock is a complete hard disk security management application. It utilises the rarely heard-of built-in hardware security features of Modern
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  • Best Disk Lock 2.62

    DoGoodSoft Best Disk lock is a powerful disks lock and USB storage devices control package. It can protect your data on disks and USB storage devices from leakage. To meet different users' need, this software provides
  • Advanced Device Locks Professional 2.02

    advanced Device locks Professional' is a handy application that enables you to lock your phone when inactive. For maximum security, enable the lock at power on as well, so no one can go around by restarting your
  • PC Security 6.4

    You can use this powerful and easy to use protection utility to lock down your system like never before. You can fully control your computer with the following security options: Explorer Control, File lock, Folder
  • GrekSoft Advanced Screen Lock 0.1

    GrekSoft advanced Screen lock is a small and handy application that allows users to lock their PC Screen with extra security measures. Here are some key features of "GrekSoft advanced Screen locker": ??
  • Removable Media Lock 1.1

    Removable Media lock is for people who have a shared PC and would like to lock usage to either the CD/DVD or USB drive. With Removable Media lock you have the choice to lock the drive (e.g. DVD drive), or just lock a
  • XUS PC Lock Ultimate Edition 3.0.58

    XUS PC lock is a powerful lock computer application that offers a new and fun way for you to lock your computer. First you'll have to define your lock pattern and next time you will see the lock screen, you trace your
  • Lock PC Professional 3.8.1

    lock PC Professional - the secure way to lock your computer lock PC Professionalâ"¢ is an easy in use, powerful and compact tool to lock your computer from unauthorized use. When you leave your computer unattended, the
  • Internet Password Lock 9.1.0

    Internet Password lock is a software program for Windows 2000/XP/NT computers (does not work on Windows 95/98/Me) that allows you to Password Protect all access to the Internet. This includes Web surfing, Instant
  • AntiCapsLock Pro 3.0

    With this program things like this will not ever happen to you. AntiCapslock can disable CAPS lock key or tell it to behave as another key (SHIFT, CTRL, Windows Key). Still, you can continue using CAPS lock (select a key
  • Caps Lock Changer 1.0

    If you hate the Caps lock key, you may love Caps lock Changer. With Caps lock Changer, you can turn the Caps lock off or change Caps lock to underscore, CTRL key, ALT key or other key you would like to, no Windows
  • Windows Keyboard Indicator 2.0.1

    Displays Caps lock, Num lock and Scroll lock indicators in the windows system tray Windows Keyboard Indicator is a small utility which stays in your windows system tray.Main features:- Displays Caps lock, Num lock and
  • Smart Keys 1.06

    How often have you wanted to rip the Caps lock or Num lock key off your keyboard because you accidentally press it and laUNCH INTO A STREAM OF CAPITAL LETTERS? SmArT kEyS is the solution to the Caps lock, Num lock,
  • System Lock 1.2b1

    System lock allows you to lock your desktop so that no other users may use your computer. System lock contains numerous Options for security and appearance. It also has a unique protection system in that, if your
  • DK:KeyboardStatus

    DK:Keyboard - Status shows a popup balloon displaying the Caps lock, Insert and Num lock key's status of the keyboard Uses: DK:Keyboard - Status will show a popup balloon above it's icon in the system tray when the
  • Lock the desktop 1.0

    lock the Windows desktop via lock the desktop v1.0 and a Windows system wide hot-key. Just choose a hot-key and leave it in the system tray.Press the hot-key and watch your desktop lock! (INSTANTLY!).With Less key
  • Folder Vault

    Folder Vault presents a file-security program allowing the user to hide, lock, encrypt and protect files and folders in the blink of an eye. Folder Vault uses advanced folder locking & hiding technology to
  • Keyboard Indicator 1.0

    Keyboard indicator is a lightweight and almost portable application for displaying in your task tray whether or not Caps lock, Scroll lock or Num lock is turned
  • CD-ROM Lock 2.0

    locks your CD-ROM and DVD-ROM. An easy-to-use and powerful tool that can lock all the CD/DVD-Roms on your computer. CD-ROM lock can lock your CD-ROMs under Windows XP/2000/NT/2003! CD-ROM lock is an easy-to-use
  • Instant LOCK Lite Edition 2.5

    Easy, Fast and Secure Cutting Edge Instant lock technology has a perfect Combination of speed and security. It locks GBs of data in a second! Once you lock your Folders with instant lock they will stay completely
  • Tabloc 0.4.1

    This add-on enables five actions: - lock Tab - Shift lock Tab - Protect Tab - lock+Protect Tab - Shift lock+Protect Tab "lock Tab" and "Shift lock Tab" lock URL of the tab. When a Link in the locked tab is clicked,
  • Lock Folder XP 3.9.2

    Do you know that you can lock not just individual files but also entire folders and even the whole hard drive? You will be able to secure all your data easily when you use lock Folder XP, which enables you to lock an
  • Desktop Lock Business Edition 7.2.2

    Desktop lock Business Edition 7.2.2 is a flexible tool that provides the Virtual Screen to let you to create virtual desktops to limit users to only use the programs you specified. Desktop lock Business Edition is the
  • Lock my Folder 1.7

    lock my Folder is a new folder password protected software which can help you lock your files, folders with your personal password. Prevent people from viewing, editing, altering your folders as easy as 1-2-3. locking
  • Pro-Key-Lock 3.0

    Pro-Key-lock is a Security software developed by 100dof. After our trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure and free. Here is the official description for Pro-Key-lock: Pro Key lock can be used to
  • Mega Folder Lock 1.0

    * USB Folder lock to lock your USB Storages * Recover of your forget password to your Email * lock & Hide your files ,Folders at Windows Kernel Level * Your files and folders can't be accessed in both windows explorer
  • Eusing Maze Lock 3.5

    locking your screen prevents other people from accessing your computer while you are away from it. There are several applications able to help you lock your computer. However, few of these applications are comparable to
  • sMaRTcaPs 5.01b

    sMaRTcaPs is the answer to your Caps lock, Num lock & Insert key problems. Accidental touches will no longer ruin your documents nor waste Your Time. You control the response of the Caps lock, Num lock and Insert keys
  • KeyState 1.0

    KeyState is a useful, free and small utility that shows the state of the Caps lock, Scroll lock, and Num lock keys in the tray and/or in small
  • Numlock Caps Scroll Blinker 1.0

    This is a kool numlock caps lock and scroll lock blinker you have to download it you can fasting and slow down the speed of blinking and a auto Caps lock On and off EX: NHgaMEs and more
  • Computer Lock Up 2.0

    Make sure your data is secure! Computer lock Up provides you with a powerful tool to lock your PC when leaving it and prevent any unauthorized access. Whether you want to lock out snooping co-workers, protect yourself